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The Ventilation System for Children and Adults

Ventilation in accordance with the constant flow or semi-open principle
Integrated patient gas humidifier system
Independence through integrated air compressor/battery
Integrated monitoring

The ALIA ventilation system was specially developed to meet the long - term ventilation needs of newborns, infants as well as adults and offers a variety of conventional ventilation modes. Easy handling and autonomy from a central gas and power supply were the primary goals during development. The concentration on a minimum of operating elements combined with compact monitoring to display all vital parameters permits fast and safe handling in day-to-day applications. As with al ventilation systems of Stephan GmbH, a heated, integrated patient gas humidification system here too emsures continious warming and humidification of the patient gas.

Conventional Respiration

ALIA offers the user a variety of conventional ventilation modes such as CPAP, SIMV, ASB, assisted/controlled and controlled ventilation. With the two operating modes, "constant flow" and "semi-open" system, ALIA is able to provide ventilation to patients with differing requirements. The constant flow system is particulary suited for children's ventilation, where the continious flow of fresh gas assists in rinsing out carbon dioxide during the expiration phase.The need for a high initial flow at the start of the inspiration phase during adult ventilation is met by the internal fresh gas reservoir (semi-open system). This permits a harmonious and physiological filling while simultaneously preserving the integrated patient gas conditioning.

Patient Gas Conditioning

The humidification system produces a saturated, heated patient gas whose temperature is monitored as it is fed to the patient through the heated patient tubes. This helps to avoid both frequent patient tube changes as well as preventing the information of condensation in tubes, thus increasing the hygienic standard.

Intuitive Operation, Mobile Employment

By concentrating on the essential operating elements it has never easier to adjust a ventilation system to the patient's specific requirements. Intuitive operation, precise parameter adjustment as well as flexible alarm settings, all make ALIA a user - friendly and mobile ventilation system With its integrated battery and compressor, ALIA is independent of central gas and power supplies and, thanks to its compact and solid construction, embodies an uncomplicated unit for use during intra - clinical patient transport, mobile applications or for in - home ventilation applications.

Compact Monitoring

The integrated, clearl organized LCD combines the simple and user - friendly display of the defined ventilation parameters with all relevant patient breathing parameters. All essential ventilation parameters can be quickly and efficiently adjusted by direct key selection.

In addition, real - time breathing graphs (Pressure flow) as well as detailed alarm message permit rapid and comprehensive evaluation of the overall vital state.

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